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Ladyboy Girlfriends

Rating: ★★★★★

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Don’t you get sicked and tired of women who always seem to “have a headache” when you are in the mood, the complaining about PMS, cramps, the mood swings, and just the general game playing and BS that girlfriends always tend to pull? The members featured on Ladyboy Girlfriends .com were completely fed up with their girlfriends, so they dumped them for some smokin’ hot shemales, and now they are their asian shemale girlfriends. No more having to deal with the “I have a headache” excuse, PMS, mood swings, and the general BS. These asian shemales love to have sex and actually crave it more than their boyfriends do! They want cock and they want it now! These lucky guys couldn’t have been happier than they are with their ladyboy girlfriends. No more going to back to real women for these guys!

All of the shemales on Ladyboy Girlfriends are all very feminine and absolutely gorgeous, just like 99.99% of all Asian Ladyboys. The great thing about these lovely ladies is that the have intense sex drives and you can never get them pregnant. They are always in the mood and will tire you out quick with some intense ball draining fucking.

The content is 100% exclusive to the site. You won’t find this high quality content anywhere else. You will have unlimited access to gorgeous shemales who became someones Ladyboy Girlfriend. Here is an example, Ladyboy Lee, a well known and featured asian shemale girlfriend is the type of lady who wants fucked at least 3 times a day and her boyfriend doesn’t mind at all. She’s got a nice full set of tits with dark nipples and an ass so tight you’ll bust a nut with just a few strokes. Ladyboy Wawa and Ladyboy Paris are exotic beauties who are ladies in public, but whores behind closed doors. Ladyboy Amy is the mistress to one of the guys on the site. She doesn’t care that he has a shemale girlfriend, she just wants to fuck. After catching a glimpse of Ladyboy Amy it is easy to see why all the guys like her. She’s brunette, has big tits, a nice curvy ass, and a rock hard shemale cock that begs to be sucked. Amy really is irresistible and she’ll never object to just having a “quickie” before you go home to your asian shemale girlfriend. There is a short video available too that you can watch before you join that shows off even more smokin’ hot shemale babes in intense suck and fuck scenes.

If you decided to join, you will get unlimited access to all the 100’s of feminine shemales in Ladyboy Girlfriends .com, and the best of this, all the pictures and videos are user submitted, so they are really in an shemale amateur style!


– $29.95 (for 30 Days Recurring)
– $79.95 (for 90 Days – 3 Months)


Once you join Ladyboy Girlfriends, You get full access to: Ladyboy Gold, Ladyboys Fucked Barebacked, Ladyboy Dildo and Ladyboy Wank. A really nice collection of Ladyboy porn!

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Reviewed on: January 21, 2011 | Category: Asian Shemales | 5,300 views


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