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Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

Finally! A quality shemale porn site that is dedicated to the beautiful chocolate cuties and their massive black cocks! The black shemales showcased on Black Shemale Stars .com are all beautiful, extremely horny, naughty, and they are all packing some major meat in their panties. They have plenty of junk in their trunk, thick throbbing cocks, and perky dark tits that call out to you come have a nibble. This is a hardcore ebony shemale site filmed in high definition with some of the hottest ebony shemales that America and Brazil have to offer.

Some of the black shemales that members have access to are Kawanna Di Prado, Honey, Luana and Alessandra, Klarissa, Bianca, and Tamires Vidall. Kawanna Di Prado is an ebony hottie who is long and lean. She’s got a nice thick shaved she-cock and a nice pair of firm c-cups. She’s sensual and highly sexual. Honey, is a good name for this black shemale. She is a little shopping diva who couldn’t wait to model her latest additions to her wardrobe for us. She is sweet looking and her shemale nectar is sweet as honey. Luana and Alessandra are one of many pairs of ebony shemale lovers within the walls of Black Shemale Stars .com. These two can never seem to get enough of each others she-cocks. Klarissa is a dark skinned beauty with very feminine features with a tiny little ass and a nice big black cock. Bianca is one of those exotic ebony beauties that stops you dead in your tracks with one glance. Her body is long and lean and her cock is always rock hard and ready for action. Tamires Vidall is a really pretty black shemale with a big ole black booty. That rump was meant for shaking and fucking. It’s so beautiful in her white capri’s. Not only can she take a serious ass pounding, she can suck a mean dick too!

All of the pictures and videos on Black Shemale are 100% exclusive, original, and available in HD. A membership costs $29.95 for 30 days of unlimited and unrestricted access to a mountain of ebony shemale hardcore porn. The network updates constantly, videos are not DRM protected and they are available in multiple formats. Each month you stay a member, one additional quality shemale porn site becomes available to you at no additional charge. Some of the bonus sites are: Wild Shemale Orgies, Shemale TugJobs, Ladyboy Player, and Shemale Video Club.


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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review

Homosexuality and trans-sex, although somewhat taboo in general, are considered even more taboo in the black community. So there is something extra hot about seeing ebony transsexuals being fucked by men. features some damn fine black shemales being put through some pretty rough, and super hardcore abuse by black and white men. The trannies are hot, and it’s unbelievable the abuse that they allow themselves to be subjected to. These men really manhandle these poor sexy shemales. But no one really gets hurt – these trannies really love the nasty sex!

There are eight previews spread out over the first two pages of the site, which utilizes an ‘urban’ graffiti style layout that certainly suits the sexual action featured. Each preview contains 5 pictures (non-clickable) and the firsr four previews contain one streaming movie each. Be sure to roll your mouse over all the pictures as the video controls are hidden until the mouse hovers over the picture revealing the play “button” – and believe me – you are going to want to check out these hardcore previews.

Even the language used by the site is raw;

“Michele gets that round phat ass of hers abused in new and unusual ways today by a man with an ass fetish. He loves a big round ass and goes right to work on Michele’s tight ass. He shoves his dick in her duct taped mouth, rips the duct tape off destroys her mouth before plundering that phat ass until it gapes open…”

These shemales are not only duct taped, roped and chained, but are also slapped, spanked and sodomized viciously by these guys. Most of the guys sport shaved heads and tats (nothing new in porn) and exhibit a really vicious nasty streak! Some people may be offended at the site of a black person in chains being ‘sexually abused’, but those with a sense of humor and a sense of perspective should understand that it is merely an expression of sexual fantasy.

The trannies themselves are quite beautiful. They all have nice ‘phat’ round asses and great tits. You can tell they just love the ‘abuse’ and ass reaming that they are getting.


The site does have a somewhat ‘unfinished’ look about it, but then again, this isn’t art – this is smut. And what fine smut it is!