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Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

Can I just say how much I dislike pop-up windows? A colorful pop-up window will be how you’re greeted upon arriving at; and, while being far less intrusive than most pop-up windows (you can close it with one click), it’s still a little bit annoying. At least the pop-up is relevant to the topic at hand though and offers you the opportunity for access to 30 sites as part of the the ‘Pancho Pass’ promotion.

If you happen to be a Spanish speaker and have been frustrated by the lack of properly translated T-girl sites on the Internet, you’ll be happy to find Exclusive T-girls has a full mirror translation in Spanish. The translated site looks identical and although I myself can only speak a limited amount of Spanish, the translation appears to be professionally done as opposed to just a software translation.

Exclusive T-girls boasts a veritable plethora of content, 34,404 pictures and 404 video segments, at the time of this writing. This is a lot of content! Usually when I’ve come across huge sites like this, with tons and tons of content, I’m a little wary about download speeds. I’m pleased to announce that Exclusive T-girls did not seem to have any slower download speeds than my normal speed… which means you’ll be able to download all the t-girl porn you can stand at a fairly quick pace… WAHOO!

The girls on Exclusive T-girls are beautiful and although it’s never revealed, I would venture a guess that they’re all from Latin America. The Preview section is basic, with trailers to a few of the videos but no full size preview pictures. If you continue deeper into the Preview Section, you’ll find yourself once more annoyed by the pop-up window upon returning to the front page.

Exclusive T-girls is a site bursting with content to be sure. The quality of the content is decent and the models are also beautiful. From beautiful T-girl brunettes to gorgeous bombshell blondes, Exclusive T-girls has a little something for everyone in its T-girl portfolio. For true T-girl lovers, the promise of 30 additional sites for the price of one may not seem to be that big of a draw (all the other sites are solo straight, lesbian, or straight mega-sites), but if you’re simply a porn connoisseur, you’ll enjoy the added value and diversity of the additional sites.


At $34.95 (recurring) for 30 days access to Exclusive T-girls and $69.95 (recurring) for 90 days access, and the bonus sites, Exclusive T-girls is a good value for the money. With the seams bursting full of hot content, there’s plenty of tranny content for you to browse and download. Although the constant pop-up windows were an annoyance to me, if you don’t mind them or have a decent pop-up blocker, this can be easily remedied. Billing is done by a company called OakBill and a quick Google check of the company (I was not familiar with the company at the time of this writing) didn’t turn up any irate customers complaining about service or transactions.

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Price: $34.95 for 30 days // $69.95 for 96 days + BONUS Sites access


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