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If ever there was a site I wanted to review it would have to be Hardcore Shemale Video. It hit the exact right words to hook me in the title without even trying. Hardcore is what most of us really love to see and shemale naturally is a winner word or you would not be reading this review, and videos – well who doesn’t love videos? So they got off to a great start right there! A great start and a super title doesn’t mean a site will deliver though, so I naturally was anxious to begin this particular review. Always we have high hopes from new or new to us sites and sometimes those fantasies are delivered and those visions of a treasure trove of slinky, sultry, tempting, shemales with cocks that would amaze a horse, leave fantasy and become reality.

The member’s area was clean looking and delivers you to a page with recent updates and news. The galleries are gotten to by a link in the top bar. Naturally that was my primary are of interest. Find those galleries and devour that shemale hardcore. I decided to start with the photos first and get that out of the way before going to the main course – the vids. Well it was a quick task. The site contains no photos. Just a couple of thumnails of each video and a screen capture. Also a great deal in the way of explanation as to who is doing what to whom and which site originally featured it.

This is the basic format for the movie section but what it is requires a bit of explanation. All this content though not unique to Hardcore Shemale Videos. The content is instead unique to the site creator’s network. In other words you won’t find it all over the net. In fact you won’t find it anywhere but on one of their network sites which are by the way the best in the niche in my opinion. The videos often have been resampled and the quality improved from the original, a big bonus to the members of Hardcore Shemale Videos. It is exclusive non exclusive content (follow that logic if you will) and actually very good. The sets range from glossy well done shemale hardcore to almost amateur sets that really have their own appeal in that they are true amateurs not pornstars and hence view worthy even if they were not engaged in some of the nastiest sex I have ever seen. Updates on the site are weekly and also are multiple postings. They appear not to limit themselves to just a single video to update but post multiple videos each week. Again another big plus for this already sexy shemale site! At the time of this writing the site features 55 videos sets downloadable in segments or full length and ranging from very good quality on the older updates to stellar quality on the newer updates. If it continues to grow at this accelerated rate you will soon be overwhelmed in excellent shemale content. You can also do a streaming preview of these videos but the quality on these is very poor. The site offers no bonuses but in my opinion needs none either!


Hardcore Shemale Videos is just as the name implies all hardcore all shemale and all videos. The quality is superb. The fact they are not exclusive is minor because unless you belong to one of the other network sites the videos will not be ones you have ever seen anywhere else. The biggest drawback I see here is that they explain where each and every one of these videos came from: site name, shemale star names, where it was filmed and what is going on. I feel for me the temptation to join one of the other network sites after this one would be overwhelming. However whenever you see any site from this network they tempt you mightily. If you want the best of the best and from a variety of sources then Hardcore Shemale Video is what you want. Naturally the question I end all my reviews with is: Is it worth the money spent? As you also know by this time I don’t always give a yes answer but in this case the answer is: Definitely and will in the future become of even more value!

More Information:

Picture Sets: None, since this is exlusively a movie site.
Movies: 50 Full Lenght Movies (High Definition)
DRM Protection: No
Streaming Available: Yes
Video Formats Offered: WMV 640×480: 2000K
– $29.95/30 days (1 Month) Recurring
– $59.90/60 days (2 Months) Non-Recurring
Bonus Offered: None.