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Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review:

The first thing that you’ll be greeted with at the brand new Official Site of Miss Kelly Shore is a professionally presented, very eye pleasing homepage. I cannot believe that some websites still seem to be designed for 800×600 monitor resolutions when over 3/4 of the US have monitors capable of higher resolutions, so it’s always nice when you come across a site that is designed with this in mind. Kelly Shore’s site is simply stunning, with easy navigation, uncluttered space, and eye-pleasing earth-tones; but, let’s get to the good stuff.

Tgirl Kelly Shore has been in the adult industry for a while now but has never had an actual ‘Official Site’ until just recently. I can remember having come across her name while browsing some Transsexual Forums that she posts regularly on and was fairly surprised when one day she announced the launch of her new Official Site. Since its introduction, the site has taken off and obviously, the main reason behind that is its Star, Kelly Shore.
Kelly Shore strikes me as a fun, upfront, and dedicated person, which is exactly the kind of person you want running a Website that you’re going to become a paying Member to. Although the site is relatively new with not as much content as I’d like to see, Kelly has fairly large aspirations for her site which will only increase the Site’s value to its Members as she implements them. With a Member only Webcam service in the works, invitations for Members to participate in videos, and more, will eventually become the ‘fully featured site’ that Miss Kelly hopes to have.
One thing you’ll notice immediately upon watching the flash preview clip of Kelly is that this girl likes to fuck… literally! If you’re a fan of watching Transsexual starlets get their asses pounded, Kelly is NOT the girl for you! Kelly is much more of a ‘top’ girl than a ‘bottom’ girl although there are one or two videos where Kelly does take more of a submissive role. It’s fairly obvious that Kelly is more comfortable playing the ‘in charge’ role during scenes and we’re not complaining! Kelly has quite the ‘package’ to work with during her scenes and her ease at being on camera compliments her beauty well.


At $19.95 per month (recurring), is a steal of a deal for fans of hers, and like I stated earlier, the value will only increase as the site gathers content and Kelly’s aspirations are realized. At $59.95 for a full 6-months of Membership, joining the site, even if you’re just a little bit curious is a no-brainer. Membership to is processed through CCBill and Epoch, trusted names in the Adult Industry.

Kelly Shore is one extremely hot Transsexual Starlet that is sure to become a big name within the industry. Members of her site will have the opportunity to ‘get in on the ground floor’ and watch her rise to Transsexual ‘Pornstar’ status. I predict great things for this girl and wish her all the best in her future endeavors… she’s already off to a great start with her Official Site launch!

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– Price: $19.95 for 30 days // $59.95 for 90 days