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Ladyboy Dolls

December 16, 2008 | 2 Comments | Asian Shemales

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review:

OK… so you’re sarcastically thinking to yourself, ‘Just what the world needs… one more Ladyboy site.’ Well, let me see if I can convince you otherwise with the brand new site, LadyboyDolls.
I get it… as a Reviewer of sites in the Shemale Industry, believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of Ladyboy sites… some good and some bad. I have to honestly say though, that I’ve never come across a Shemale related site from the folks over at NicheCastle that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy and wouldn’t highly recommend, and LadyboyDolls is no exception.

LadyboyDolls is the new Ladyboy-centric (duh) site from NicheCastle, a company well known within the industry for producing quality Shemale related sites. Content for LadyboyDolls is shot onsite in exotic Thailand with some of the most beautiful (seriously… where do these guys find these girls?) Ladyboys I’ve ever seen. Photos and videos for the site are professionally shot by folks who obviously know their way around a camera and who are familiar with the genre. These are no ‘gun for hire’ photographers and videographers, but dedicated professionals who also happen to be fans of Ladyboys striving to present the world with the best content available… and succeeding!
I’ve stated this in other reviews and I’ll say it again… ‘Leave a little to the imagination!’ In opposition to most Ladyboy sites, the models of LadyboyDolls are dressed ‘to kill’ in sexy outfits for a majority of the shoots, which, IMHO, adds significantly to the ‘sexiness’ of hardcore shoots. With high heel and stocking fetishes being (arguably) the biggest fetishes worldwide, I find it strange that so many Ladyboy sites feature head-to-toe naked models throughout. This is an immediately recognizable and appreciated difference between LadyboyDolls and most other Ladyboy sites.
All content on LadyboyDolls is high quality, which is signature NicheCastle. Pictures are well lighted and high resolution with bright colors and stunning detail. Videos are shot and presented in High Definition which offers Members a crystal clear view of all the action. Content is updated at least weekly so there’s never a shortage of new material to browse through. I really can’t say enough about the models so I probably shouldn’t even try… I’ll just offer these three words, hot, Hot, HOT!
LadyboyDolls is a no frills site for those seeking the best in Ladyboy content. You’re not going to find endless Guest Galleries here or much of anything else… but really, who needs it? If you’re into Ladyboys and love seeing them dressed sexily and taking cocks like champs, this is one site that won’t disappoint!


Options for becoming a Member of LadyboyDolls begin at $29.90 for 30 days and end at $99.90 for 180 days (just about $0.55 / per day for those of you who are mathematically challenged). My opinion? Skip that junk food meal each week and join LadyboyDolls instead… you’ll get a great site with amazing content and who knows… you may just burn a few extra calories each day wanking off to the amazing models of LadyboyDolls! I know I sure have!

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– Price: $29.90 for 30 days // $99.90 for 180 days ($0.55 per day!!!)