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Reviews Updated

April 7, 2008 | No Comments | News

I have managed to sort out some free time for Shemale Reviewz, and I have done some updates on three (3) Reviews, in the Solo Shemales category.

Luci May has a brand new website, it sure is much better than the previous one she had, I hope you enjoy this amateur Shemale!
For the other two Solo Shemale Models, Victoria Holyns and Wendy Williams, the new reviews include the More Information section that I have for all other reviews, so that you know exactly what you get when you signup to their members-area.

New Reviews Added

March 5, 2008 | No Comments | News

Hello my friends. I have some hot news for you all.

I have just finished adding some fresh reviews in the Solo TGirl Category.

The sites were real fun reviewing, there are some really hot Transgenders out there with their own private site on the net.

Here is a list with links to the full review:

Ok, there it is above.
Hope you check each one of them and enjoy reading what I wrote about each one! You will have some laughs for sure!

Hugs and Kisses!

Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review:

Ahh sitting down to write this I am totally at a loss to describe Luci May. She is heavily into fetish. Yes, I can say that. She is a shemale? Well that dependso on your definition. She has had no surgical alterations or enhancements but is still quite pretty. Which doesn’t mean she is not quite attractive but it does mean she doesn’t go in any category really except fetish. You will find that dressed up and dolled up Luci May looks as good or better than many shemales and most females. She also has a zest that is hard to avoid noticing and being engaged by. Before I ever opened up the member’s page I was quite taken by this shemale with attitude.

Normally when I enter a new site the first thing I do is to head to the movie section – it is my love and hence the first thing I want to see in any site. With Luci I just had to break this rule and instead poke about in her site a bit first – get to know her some. She does have a small unique story collection a “party with Luci” section where she tells you where they next party night will be and all sorts of personal information as well as a personal blog. Ok yes, I was definitely impressed before I ever got to see a photo or movie! This is a shemale/t-girl who is committed to her site and it’s success.
Ok let’s get to cooking and see what Luci has in the way of movies is what I was thinking.
Inside the movie section were 10 videos. Not much, but nicely done in three formats and running from 10 minutes to 27 minutes. This fetish fixated shemale is definitely as hot in these videos as she looked in the tour and I truly hope there are more of these coming in the near future.
There are 109 photo sets of Luci on the site. They cover every fetish you may have thought of and a few I never heard of (zentai seemingly beautifully dressed and costumed but faceless characters) smoking pet play and of course BDSM and spanking. If you don’t admire Luci May’s zest for fetish then you probably don’t have a kink. The photos are arranged either by fetish or by date added. I can forsee that being an issue when the site gets even more of this totally great content but for now I was perfectly happy to browse through the sets and marvel at little Luci and her lusty and sometimes unsubmissive ways. The photos were nice quality though not high res they were plenty clear and done with a decent camera. This is obviously an amateur’s site and I say that in a good way. She is relaxed and having fun in all her photos. I must say though I am all about the movies I was very happy with the photo section inside Luci May‘s site.


This is the most difficult segment of any review and even more difficult for a shemale like Luci’s site. However here it is. If you absolutely must have movies and nothing else will do then Luci May’s site will not really be up to it. However and let me add this now. If you want a kinky shemale and I do mean every kink you can imagine. One who is full of fun real life and is all about her members and interraction with them – then you probably will be very happy with Luci May.
Do I think this site provides fair value for the membership charged? Well let me say this – she is one of the livliest and kinkiest and down right believable shemales I have seen (fake tits or none and in her case none). If you have a kink and want a shemale that shares it then Luci is for you. She is worth the membership to the true BDSM – bondage or fetishist who loves shemales. That was a lot of provisions but truly I have not been so impressed by an amateur site in a very long time. Enjoy Luci May I certainly did.

More Information:

Picture Sets: 110+ Sets
Movies: 10+ Full Lenght Movies (Average of 20min each)
DRM Protection: No
Streaming Available: No
Video Formats Offered: Large Movie (1280×720) ; Medium Movie (960×540) ; Small Movie (480×270)
– $23.95/30 days (1 Month) Recurring
– $29.95/30 days (1 Month) Non-Recurring
– $99.50/185 days (6 Months) Non-Recurring
Bonus Offered: None.

Luci May is someone I’ve actually chatted with myself on a forum from time to time. She is a very friendly, down to earth girl. So it’s nice to give her site a review. Luci May is a transvestite based in Central London, where she’s been just about all her life. She is 5’ 7” with hazel eyes. She has a nice build, great legs and cute ass! Her hair is long and red, but I think she dyes it different from time to time. She can be seen out at the local clubs in London often, and would love you to say hi if you see her. As for her “package” she does not say how long it is, but it’s long enough, and she can use it well!

Her site layout is different than others I have seen. It has a nice light purple background. Then it has a white foreground with pictures to click on, or smaller text links. Everything is done very neat and tidy in an orderly fashion. The pages load very fast, she does not overload them with too much stuff. No distracting flash banners or graphics, just nice links that clearly mark where you’re going.

Now for what you get inside. In a word, a lot! She has been shooting pictures and videos of herself for quite some time, so she has thousands of pictures and videos. Luci May loves to have friends over, so you get to watch her have hardcore fun with quite a few guest. Male, female, shemales, just about anyone you can think of you can find here. She is always looking for new models to shoot; you can contact her and maybe star in one of her new videos!

She likes a lot of different outfits; Dresses, skirts, lingerie, leather and vinyl. She loves to dress up in fetish wear, doing a lot of kinky stuff. Bondage is one of her specialties, she has many sets of her being tied up and forced to do all kinds of things. She gets big cocks shoved down her throat, her ass split wide by huge shafts and big toys. She can hold her own in the fucking department too, banging just about all her guest you see. So you get quite a variety of hardcore action to look at.

She has just started to shoot in HD video, so her newer videos are very crystal clear. All of her pictures and videos are high quality, taken by a professional. She updates almost every day, or at least several times a week. So you have lots of fresh content to enjoy. She shoots in many different locations, inside, outside, lots of places.

To wrap this up, Luci May’s site is a big grab bag of hardcore and fetish delights. With so many different guests, props, fetish sets, bondage, outfits and more you find something new around every corner. A lot of content and fresh updates with HD video will keep you happy for as long as you want to see hot porn!