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Rating: ★★★★☆

Site Review:

BareTransexuals is a sister site to the Tranny megasite, TrannyMovies. If you’re already read my review of that site, you already know that it’s not a site that I recommend without some severe reservations. The same can be said of BareTransexuals, and largely for the same reasons.

Quite simply, if you’re going to make the claim of, ‘Our Legacy – Simply The Best,’ you had better be able to back it up and act like it. In my opinion, the best Transsexual Sites out there today do have to have ultra flashy websites with hundreds of buttons and flashing lights to attract potential Members. I would be interested to know how many of the people who joined sites like TrannyMovies and BareTransexuals ended up charging back their purchase for reasons of alleged fraud.
The problem I have with this site isn’t the content, which I’m sure is ‘up to snuff.’ What I really have a problem with is the promise of a ‘FREE TRIAL PASS’ with pre-checked cross-sells to other sites in the CyberErotica Network. At $39.97+ each if not cancelled, and for those who don’t carefully read their credit card statements every month, this could quickly add up to hundreds of dollars in unwanted rebills.
Quality sites who are confident in their content and their marketing strategies shouldn’t have to resort to this kind of ‘trickery’ to add additional revenue to their coffers. Sites such as BareTransexuals and TrannyMovies only serve to make those surfers who would otherwise be interested in supporting the Shemale Adult Industry with their dollars, angry at being ripped off and less likely to give future business to quality Shemale sites.
Quite honestly, I would advise all surfers to be very careful if you decide to join this site as a Member. You may get a seemingly unlimited amount of Transsexual porn to browse and enjoy but you may get an unlimited number of charges on your credit card statement as well! Buyer Beware!


Know what you’re signing up for and be careful with this site. Read through all the Terms and Conditions and research who and where to contact someone if you encounter billing problems. The promise of ‘FREE’ porn is extremely attractive, and of course, you’re going to remember to cancel within your three day trial period… but, accidents do happen and memories do fail. There are better and completely honest sites out there that can scratch your Shemale itch that I would strongly recommend before Bare Transexuals.

More Information

– Price: Signup is free, but you need your CC information.

Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review:

To try and quantify Grooby-Archives in a few words is a formidable task. The very idea makes even an experienced reviewer quail. Why? Because of the sheer size of the site. First let’s start with the shemales. They are ranging from awesome sexy pass for girl types to guys with long hair and big tits. They are mostly amateurs which to me is a good thing it means you won’t see them in every corner of the net.
To give you an idea of the size of the site the tour consists of about 22 thumbnails labeled this week’s models updates. Humm ok so these are the photo updates. For the videos there are also a mere 17 thumbnails labeled this week’s video updates.
Oh dear. That is just the beginning of this site too. Wait until you hit the member’s area with me.
The one and only annoying thing about the interior of Groobys Archives is that each model is listed by name which means if you are looking for a specific body type of tit sized you are going to be at it a while. Hey even huge sites with great contents have a down side.
Most of the content consists of these trannys solo fondling their tits and stroking some rather sizeable cocks for the camera. There are a few oral scenes offered and when you find them they are actually startling in how graphic and energetic these amateur trannies can be.
So let’s try and quantify the pictures shall we? Besides lots a round number would be over 38,000 yes I did say thousand sets. Not pictures, sets with about 90 or so pictures per photo set. They are normally good quality though I found no high res in there.
Ok for movies. Surely this part will be easier right? Only a little easier there are over 1,000 movies at my best guess in there. This is the collection of a group of sites many of these are exclusive content and all of it gathered up just for you.
Download size and format was not consistent some were Avi some Windows, some RM. However most were decent to good quality. The vast majority of the movies offered are of these amateur trannies solo. Again not a bad thing and when you do find the piece of hardcore be sure and watch it because those hot trannies are very high energy.


Grooby-Archive offers no bonues because it simply doesn’t need them. There is too much variety in there to even name and all of it good to excellent quality.
It is pure entertainment pulled together into one site for the lover of ladyboy-shemale-trannies.
Whatever you itch they have a way to scratch it and do it well. Value wise you simply won’t spend your money any better on entertainment than at Groobys. The amateurs on the site really gave it life and it stands out from the generic shemale sites just because of their vibrance. I challenge you to try and see even half of what is offered for your enjoyment in Grooby’s you will still be looking this time next year. Their updates keep it fresh for all their members. Can you tell I liked the site? Well any site in these days that delivers both quality, quantity and variety is a rarity and to be visited often.

More Information:

Picture Sets: 3800 + sets (Not possible to download ZIP Archives)
Movies: 1000 + Movie Scenes (Some with over 90min)
DRM Protection: No
Streaming Available: yes
Video Formats Offered: Windows Media ; MPEG and RealMedia
– $29.95/30 days Recurring
– $59.90/90 days Non-Recurring
Bonus Offered: With so much content that they have, you will not be needing any type of bonus.

Grooby Archives Samples

Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives
Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives
Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives