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Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review:

With a name as totally awesome as Shemale Movie Vault a site has a high level to meet to live up to expectations even before you open it. Many sites pick wonderful names and then fail to deliver. Shemale Movie Vault picked the perfect name and may I also add the perfect content. The tour of Shemale Movie Vault promises huge amounts of movies and shows you the hottest trannies with soft pink lips and slinky curved bodies and of course magnificent racks. This is pure hard on material and that is just the tour I was so excited I could barely enter my password. This is a lot to live up to so inside I went to see any site could live up to these kind of promises.

I am a big fan of simple and uncluttered navigation inside of any site. Shemale Movie Vault definitely offers that with a few links on your top bar and then further links inside the categories. So it passed my first test with flying colors. Having a ton of content does no good if you can’t find it, or navigation is maze-like. Choosing was no issue at all I had a choice of News, Updates, Library, Video Feeds, Bonus Sites – naturally I selected News. I wanted into the shemale cookie jar as fast as possible! News is where the most recent updates are kept and those were freaking hot.

Usually I will write a small segment about the photo content because some people are really interested in the photos. In this case I can’t there are no photos on Shemale Movie Vault. It is as it’s name implies strictly focused on the movies (fine with me!).

Now to the movie section. First off there are around 166 movies hosted on Shemale Movie Vault alone. They are excellent WMV format and reasonable Mpeg quality – your choice. They are downloadable with no restrictions in that area and they are enough to get about any guy’s dick’s attention in a heartbeat.

The movie topics are for the most part nasty hardcore shemale fucking. There are a few solo shemales doing the strip and unzip and the jerk off. Nice stuff but my love is the hardcore, and I was not disappointed a bit by it. Shemales could be found, fucking or getting fucked or taking turns. Naturally there was plenty of sucking going on by both parties and the quality was excellent. You don’t miss a thing with these movies.

I would like to mention also that most of the content seems to be latin shemales. Now this seems pretty logical as they are the most common shemales, though of uncommon beauty. The reason I mention it is if you are into dialogue and not action (are you crazy?) then you need to speak spanish to understand them. Recent additions though feature some american shemales and you can understand them, but if you are spending time listening to them you are missing the best part – the fucking! Now though 165 movies is no small number there are the bonuses which pump the number of available movies up to better than 400 shemale movies. This is a more than adequate number in my opinion to deserve the name of Shemale Movie Vault.


If you are looking for hot trannies with big dicks swinging them in every direction possible and at any partner around then Shemale Movie Vault will more than satisfy. If you are looking for exclusive made in–house content then Shemale Movie Vault is not the one. Shemale Movie Vault is a collection of hardcore shemale movies of great quality and over many fetishes. It is well done, well stocked, well updated and fucking hot. The movie number is large yes but when you also take into account the bonus shemale site Shemale Mov and the tranny feeds the numbers grow beyond belief. There are also some gay and bisexual content available and even straight feeds so then the numbers become unreal. I will stick with the shemale oriented content myself and still it is literally a vault of very good movies which any shemale fan will find fascinating and sensual and down right fucking nasty!

The bottom line is always of course the question – Is it worth the money spent? The bottom line answer is: Hell yes!

More Information:

Picture Sets: None, it is an exclusive Movie Mega Site.
Movies: 165+ Full Lenght Movies
DRM Protection: No
Streaming Available: No
Video Formats Offered: WMV, MPEG and Others.
– $29.95/30 days (1 Month) Recurring
– $69.95/90 days (3 Months) Non-Recurring
Bonus Offered: 2 Bonus Sites: Shemale Mov and Club Bisexual.


Shemale Movie Vault Shemale Movie Vault Shemale Movie Vault