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Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review

On first page load of Private Transsexual, you immediately think that this is going to be a very nice site, because the main “above the fold” graphic looks very nice indeed, and features a nice embedded video with some great looking shemale models. I think that every site should put this much effort and intent into their “main graphic”, making it colorful and eyecatching without adding the “cheesy” elements of flashing lights and overdesigned, moving text and the like. I very much like this graphic and it’s accompanying video. The rest of the models on this page also look very inviting, and the design is nice and clean with a basic white background that does a lot to make this a good-looking yet “simple” site.

In simplest terms, I like this site. The background color used is always pleasing when it is obvious that a little effort has gone into the design on top of it, and some effort has gone into this site. The models look great, and their pictures are nice and clear. Click through to the next tour page and, Surprise! Another nice banner graphic that is completely different from the one on the first page, and it looks just as good but doesn’t contain any embedded content, and then the rest of the page follows the same design as the first, and the models are gorgeous. Click through again, and this time no banner graphic, but a page that otherwise keeps to the same design theme and again, more gorgeous models! Every model on every tour page (there are four total) is a fox, and every pic is great looking. I actually had only 2 problems with the site, and neither has anything to do with the quality of the site itself or it’s featured content – the first one is a pet peeve of mine: Whatever language you are building your tour in, please find someone who is both a native speaker of the language and who is also competent to write your text for you, and pay them to do it! Second: on the first entry page, the design looks great above the fold, but scroll down just a little…and you’ll see the “Next Updates” section that throws the design from professional to amateur with one smooth move. That simple pair of images looks completely out of place, and I would put them in a different location or remove them altogether.


Do not allow my pet peeves concerning things like text and the placement of pictures cloud your view of this site–it is a quality site and in my opinion worth the price of membership. While there is not an enormous quantity of tour content available, the content that is there does speak loudly in favor of the rest of the site, and I believe that you will find this site to be suitable for what you’ll be using it for (wink, wink). My verdict: Enjoy!

– Trial price No trial or free join available
– Monthly price: $35 for 30 days then $35 recurring monthly
– 3 Month price: $75 for 90 days (non-recurring)
– 150 day price (5 months): $99 for 150 days (non-recurring)

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