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Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

Damn, this looks good right from the start! Another nice design, lots more hardcore content in nice, big, clear pictures, and some of the hottest shemale models in the world giving awesome wet sloppy blowjobs–where could you go wrong here? I’ve never seen this site before today, but I can’t believe that I haven’t at least heard of it, because this thing looks good, and I’m ready to check it out. Join me, won’t you? I think we’re gonna like this one, and I can’t do it without you…

Check out the quality graphic at the top of the main page–do you like what you see there? I do–that’s nice, and those blowjobs look like some that I myself might like to be on the receiving end of myself. Wouldn’t you? In each preview section there’s a really hot, really hi-def picture featuring an awesomely fine model, and under and to the right of that pic are more images. None of the images are clickable, but the embedded preview definitely is, and once you click on it, you’ll be in the middle of some true hot shemale hardcore action. Try it. Not big enough, or clear enough for your discriminating tastes? Look up a little and to the right–see the link that says “hi-res trailer”, which will allow you to view–guess what–the same trailer in very high resolution, and almost full screen! Now that is fantastic, and very nicely pulled off. You’re not done, not by a long shot. Keep scrolling down, and keep checking out the pics and trailers. There are a lot of them, and if you’re gonna watch them all, and you should, you had better plan on staying awhile. Move along to the second tour page…and get lots more of the same! Damn, this site is great, and the models just keep getting hotter and hornier and even more hardcore. Want even more? Too bad, because this site has already given you enough that you should legally have to pay up now! In case you don’t know, paysites putting up free video trailers or previews on the second tour page is nearly unheard of, and the vids being of such high quality IS unheard of. Pay. Pay now.


What more can I say? This site beats all cummers in the shemale blowjob category, and though this may be hard to believe, I might even buy a membership to this site BEFORE paying for a recent site I reviewed,, the site that I thought at the time was probably the best pay site I had ever seen. This site is just that fucking good. My verdict: Do you even have to ask?

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-30 days: $28.32
– 90 days: $59.32
* BONUS: Members will also receive access to five other paysites for free