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The producers of Shemales In Public .com scour the streets for the finest piece of shemale ass at the cheapest price. You would not believe how cheap some of the shemale street walkers are. These shemales are not the skanky meth whores with scabs on their faces and who haven’t bathed in days. These shemales on Shemales In Public are smokin’ hot and definitely take care of themselves. Some of the shemales featured on this site aren’t even street walkers. They are just sexy shemales we saw walking down the street or hanging out in the park that we walked up to and started chatting with. Before long, they were eager to find the nearest alley, private corner, or nearest hotel to fuck on film, some of them at an insanely cheap price!

When visiting Shemales In Public, there are eight gorgeous shemales to preview, plus a video giving the highlights of scenes available in the members area. Each girl is featured with pictures, a brief intro, and the price that was paid to the lovely lady. Some of the shemales were incredibly cheap, sucking cock and fucking on film for a mere $50.00, while others were a little more expensive, ($300.00), but the high price was actually a steal for the sheer volume of pleasure that was received in a fairly short amount of time. Many of the shemales are real negotiators too. They love to haggle, but little did they know, we are no fools and quite skilled at the negotiating game as well. We let them think they were maxing us out, meanwhile we would have easily paid double, even sometimes triple, what we got these girls for!

One of my favorites is Victoria. After watching her video, I’m surprised the guys only paid $125.00 for her. She is a beautiful blond shemale with a lot of class to her. She doesn’t consider herself a street walker, more an escort type who happens to be on the street. Doesn’t matter. Victoria is a beautiful cheap shemale whore who fucks really good. Her video is highly erotic and full of energy. She could easily suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. She takes a long hard deep ass pounding too before getting her perfect tits splattered with hot man goo.

Victoria is just one of 100’s of other shemale street walkers inside Shemales In Public .com. All of the videos are 100% exclusive to the site and are filmed in HD. The videos last an average of 20 minutes and are available in different formats for viewing online or downloading to your computer.


– $34.95 (30 Day Recurring Membership)
– $69.95 (90 Day Recurring Membership)
– $99.95 (180 Day Recurring Membership) – Recommended! Great price!

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