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Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review

Shemale Club has it all. Knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming, but after you get in the lines, you will be amazed of the quantity of Content they have there. However, browse a bit and one can find out what exactly they are looking for in a little bit. The great thing of their members-area is that they Categorize shemale videos and shemale pictures by type, and you can even browse the entire Shemale Club by entering the Shemale Pornstar Model name. The models are mostly South American, mostly from Brazil, but I’ve seen a few from the USA and they even throw some Asian shemales, Thai Ladyboys in there! I really enjoyed everything about it! Really Good stuff.

To talk a bit about their content, there are thousands of VIDEOS, ranging from everything to everything. After browsing around the videos pages, I noticed that most are all about Hardcore Shemale Porn. Like I said, most is hardcore, but there are some really good solo shemale scenes. And to mention models, believe me, I can’t remember seeing a shemale site member-area with so many models listed. This site is where I really found out which shemale models I truly love and got a good amount of content of them. I’d say at least 80% of the models here have more than one video, which is a great fact. Variety is a huge PRO at Shemale Club, so, I highly recommend you checking it out.

Now, as for the pictures, they are pretty good. All the Sets can be downloaded without any restriction. You just need a ZIP File extractor installed, and you can get the entire photoshoot on your computer, and each shoot has from 100 to 200 hot shemale pictures in them. They show good range of the model and the outfits usually vary nicely. A cool feature with the newer sets is a flag of where the model is from is shown on the picture, I just like this for some reason. That way, you always know from which part of the World the shemale beauty is from!

One of the best things I noticed while I was in there membersarea, were some of the videos and photoshoots were made on request of certain members. Here is a quick example: a member requested a model to smoke while she played around her huge shemale cock or have sex with her stockings on, yes, you read it well, real shemale Pantyhose Porn!!! hehehe! This just shows that this site is dedicated to it’s users and that’s something we all like to see.

Overall, I really do recommend this site. It’s a great place for people new to the shemale scene, there is so much you can learn about Shemales, and it’s a great place to add to your personal shemale porn collection. I can ensure you that all your favorite Shemale Models are listed in Shemale Club! If you don’t find them, just write a request, I’m sure the webmaster will try his best to get every single shemale pornstar there!


– Huge (I mean really huge) amount of content, and not only Video Content, but also Picture Content.
– From Solo to Hardcore, even a bunch of Fetish scenes.
– Great index with search capabilities, filled with hundreds of Shemale Models.
– Frequently updated… I was on the site about 1 hour to write this review, and in that timespan, I noticed 3 new scenes were added!
– Exclusive content, everything in HD (High Definition)


– $35 (for 30 Days Recurring)
– $75 (for 90 Days Recurring – 3 Months)
– $99 (for 150 Days Recurring – 5 Months)

Shemale Club Samples

Shemale Club Picture Sets

Ebony hotness Lina posing her irresistible body
Two beautiful tgirls Cybelli and Laviny having sex
Shemale Cassia posing her hot cock and ass in sexy stockings
Sweet Alexia taking Tony’s hard cock in her mouth and ass
Horny Thaina getting banged by beautiful Evelyn
Transsexual Sharon getting fucked by Tony

Shemale Club Movies

Exotic Shemale Pornstar Coco fucking her tight asshole with a carrot
Tgirls models Alexia and Sharon ass and mouth fucking Tony
Horny shemale transsexual Suzy sucking cock and getting fucked
TS sweetheart Sharon stroking off her hard long dick
Amazing tgirl Pure playing with her juicy dick
Horny Shemale Alexia riding Tony’s stiff fat long cock
Two tgirl hotties Thaina and Evelyn having sex
Lovely Sharon getting banged after giving a hot blowjob
Naughty Shemale Alexia showing her huge shemale cock
Sweet TS Madison Montag toying her ass while masturbating

Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review

Ladyboy Wank finds the hottest ladyboys from Bangkok and Pattaya and films them while they are stroking their meat monsters until they spit. These lovely ladyboys are new on the scene and for many of them, it is their first time ever on film. These kathoeys are all young, beautiful, and eager for you to watch them stroke their rock hard cocks.

Visitors to Ladyboy Wank get a pretty good preview of the ladyboys that await them inside the members area. There is Wan who looks irresistible in her short leopard print dress. “Wan” means “sweet” in the Thai language, which is exactly what she claims her cum tastes like. Next up is Dao who has a fetish for rubbing big ass as she strokes her thick cock. Dao is followed by Koy on the Ladyboy Wank tour. Koy has a very sultry and seductive look to her as well as cock that curves to the left. Zoe is a gorgeous ladyboy who has these tiny tits, dark aeriolas, glass cutter nipples, and one hell of a monster cock. She’s been nicknamed “Anaconda Cock” because her trouser snake is that big! Bia is a fair skinned Ladyboy with a big butt and a dark asshole that peeks out from between her meaty ass cheeks. One is known as the “Ladyboy Stallion” because she has a long thick cock that her customers crave.

All of the videos are filmed in HD and last anywhere from 7 minutes to well over 20 minutes in length. You will see all the lovely ladyboys featured on the tour, plus a few more such as Pim who loves to have her asshole tickled while she jerks off, a Go Go dancer named Ann who packs some serious heat, a dark skinned ladyboy named Oa who walks the street fulfilling her need for cock, a soap opera watching Fon who fantasizes that the leading man is her lover, a jizz bomb named Cream, and a pudgy little ladyboy named Pim – Babyfat Kathoey.


$29.95 gets you 30 days access to these smokin’ hot ladyboys who love to stroke their rock hard meat monsters until they spit gobs of Thai baby batter. These kathoeys know how to tease and please, never falling short of the jizz bomb explosion we all crave. Included in a Ladyboy Wank membership is unlimited access to Ladyboy-Dildo where beautiful ladyboys stretch their tight little asses with big thick dildos.

More Information

Price: $29.95 for 30 days


Ladyboy Wank Ladyboy Wank
Ladyboy Wank Ladyboy Wank
Ladyboy Wank Ladyboy Wank

Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review:

TS Seduction is just one of the excellent and unique sites from the folks over at Kink Productions. Kink operates such straight sites as the famous Hogtied, Whipped Ass, Sex and Submission, and (my new favorite straight site) Public Disgrace. TS Seduction is the only Transsexual site currently at Kink but definitely one of the best sites of its kind.

The tagline of TS Seduction reads, ‘Where Straight Men Experience TS Cock for the First Time’ which, while being a great tagline, is a little unbelievable after watching some of the videos featured on TS Seduction. That being said, marketing is marketing.
TS Seduction began as a TS ‘domination’ site but has adapted to more suit a larger audience. The site still has dominant overtones but gone are the dungeon scenes, whips, chains, and restraints, replaced instead with just plain beautiful Transsexuals ‘topping’ men in a variety of scenarios. Scenarios include such things as teacher/student roleplay, dr. / patient roleplay, and of course, Mistress / slave roleplay.
TS Seduction has a lot of things working in its favor. One, Kink is large enough to draw some of the best and brightest Transsexual talent to appear in its videos. At TS Seduction you’ll see the easily recognizable faces (and stiff cocks) of TS Jesse, Kelly Shore, Sexxxy Jade, and many, many more Transsexual Pornstars. Second, TS Seduction has the bandwidth available to make downloading Member content a quick and easy process. Videos are encoded with high quality download or streaming video options in mind. You can even download IPod format for most videos! Third, TS Seduction shoots all of its own content so you can be sure that what you’re seeing is new, original, and exclusive to the site.
One of the things I really enjoy about TS Seduction (and all Kink Sites) is that every video segment either begins or ends with a short interview of the participants. While this won’t appeal to all, I like hearing what they are experiencing and thinking during the actual filming of the footage. It’s especially interesting in some of the more ‘exotic’ straight sites, such as Public Disgrace.
Kink’s sites have repeatedly been nominated for AVN Awards including 2009 Adult Site of the Year. With such an amazing production company at the reigns, it’s no surprise that TS Seduction has become one of the most popular Transsexual domination sites on the internet. TS Seduction continues to provide its Members with amazing content and amazing talent and you can be sure this will continue well into the future as the site continues to grow.


Joining TS Seduction for 30 days of full access will cost you $29.95 (recurring) or 180 days for $97.95 (non-recurring). Kink handles its own secure Credit Card processing. You can also make payment via mail using the instructions provided on the sign-up page. With your Membership, you receive full access to over 3,000 minutes of great video footage, 15,000 high quality pictures, and access to Members Only forums. TS Seduction is updated every Tuesday with new content.

More Information

– Price: $29.95 for 30 days // $97.95 for 180 days

Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review:

To try and quantify Grooby-Archives in a few words is a formidable task. The very idea makes even an experienced reviewer quail. Why? Because of the sheer size of the site. First let’s start with the shemales. They are ranging from awesome sexy pass for girl types to guys with long hair and big tits. They are mostly amateurs which to me is a good thing it means you won’t see them in every corner of the net.
To give you an idea of the size of the site the tour consists of about 22 thumbnails labeled this week’s models updates. Humm ok so these are the photo updates. For the videos there are also a mere 17 thumbnails labeled this week’s video updates.
Oh dear. That is just the beginning of this site too. Wait until you hit the member’s area with me.
The one and only annoying thing about the interior of Groobys Archives is that each model is listed by name which means if you are looking for a specific body type of tit sized you are going to be at it a while. Hey even huge sites with great contents have a down side.
Most of the content consists of these trannys solo fondling their tits and stroking some rather sizeable cocks for the camera. There are a few oral scenes offered and when you find them they are actually startling in how graphic and energetic these amateur trannies can be.
So let’s try and quantify the pictures shall we? Besides lots a round number would be over 38,000 yes I did say thousand sets. Not pictures, sets with about 90 or so pictures per photo set. They are normally good quality though I found no high res in there.
Ok for movies. Surely this part will be easier right? Only a little easier there are over 1,000 movies at my best guess in there. This is the collection of a group of sites many of these are exclusive content and all of it gathered up just for you.
Download size and format was not consistent some were Avi some Windows, some RM. However most were decent to good quality. The vast majority of the movies offered are of these amateur trannies solo. Again not a bad thing and when you do find the piece of hardcore be sure and watch it because those hot trannies are very high energy.


Grooby-Archive offers no bonues because it simply doesn’t need them. There is too much variety in there to even name and all of it good to excellent quality.
It is pure entertainment pulled together into one site for the lover of ladyboy-shemale-trannies.
Whatever you itch they have a way to scratch it and do it well. Value wise you simply won’t spend your money any better on entertainment than at Groobys. The amateurs on the site really gave it life and it stands out from the generic shemale sites just because of their vibrance. I challenge you to try and see even half of what is offered for your enjoyment in Grooby’s you will still be looking this time next year. Their updates keep it fresh for all their members. Can you tell I liked the site? Well any site in these days that delivers both quality, quantity and variety is a rarity and to be visited often.

More Information:

Picture Sets: 3800 + sets (Not possible to download ZIP Archives)
Movies: 1000 + Movie Scenes (Some with over 90min)
DRM Protection: No
Streaming Available: yes
Video Formats Offered: Windows Media ; MPEG and RealMedia
– $29.95/30 days Recurring
– $59.90/90 days Non-Recurring
Bonus Offered: With so much content that they have, you will not be needing any type of bonus.

Grooby Archives Samples

Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives
Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives
Grooby Archives Grooby Archives Grooby Archives

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