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Site Review

Shemale Sissification is an interesting and not often seen mix of shemales, cross dressing, and forced femenization, and at first glance it appears that this site contains plenty of original hardcore material for the discriminating fan of this type of porn. I will let it be known that I am not a fan, and as such, I have an almost immediate distaste for the lack of “my” type of models (the more feminine or female-looking girlish types), as I don’t see any of these on first page load. However, I will attempt to not let this personal taste color my review of the site in general.

This site is rather simply designed, or perhaps “plainly” designed might be a better choice of words. The banner at the top of the first page is nice, but I personally don’t like the rest of this page, if only because the design seems more fit for a free site picture gallery or even a semi-bloggish type of build than the first page that the surfer sees of a pay site. Personal tastes notwithstanding, there are lots of crystal clear hardcore images of trannies fucking cross-dressers, cross-dressers fucking cross-dressers, and cross-dressers fucking trannies, and there are several free embedded videos on this page, all of them also hardcore. Fans of the free stuff, this site is definitely for you! Scroll down the first page and check out all the hardcore tranny and cross-dressing sex available, and if you’re a fan of this niche, then you may have found yourself a new home. Click through to the second page, and you’ll see some names of well-known tbabes of whom I am a fan, such as Carla Novaes and Jo Garcia, and this site rises a couple of points on my interest scale, because these two are more to my liking, although I still can’t make myself like all the “guy” models with their 5-o’clock shadows or three-day growths of beards getting hammered by the more feminine trannies…The second tour page is just as packed with hardcore porn as the first one, and I click to continue the tour–and land at the join page, where it’s time to pay up …but didn’t I see a “more updates” link somewhere back there? Go back and click it, and once again, you end up at the join page, and the tour is over.


While I’m not a fan of this type of tranny porn, I am a fan in general, and I can see where this site might be very satisfying to someone besides myself. Would I pay the membership fee and join up? No, I would not. But should you pay for it on my recommendation? Absolutely, if you’re a fan of cross dressing or forced femenization, because there simply aren’t that many sites (yet) around for your niche, and of the ones that are here, this one is probably the best, because the content I have seen here is of the quality type, and you deserve that! My verdict: Enjoy!

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