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Rating: ★★★★★

Site Review

Shemale Club has it all. Knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming, but after you get in the lines, you will be amazed of the quantity of Content they have there. However, browse a bit and one can find out what exactly they are looking for in a little bit. The great thing of their members-area is that they Categorize shemale videos and shemale pictures by type, and you can even browse the entire Shemale Club by entering the Shemale Pornstar Model name. The models are mostly South American, mostly from Brazil, but I’ve seen a few from the USA and they even throw some Asian shemales, Thai Ladyboys in there! I really enjoyed everything about it! Really Good stuff.

To talk a bit about their content, there are thousands of VIDEOS, ranging from everything to everything. After browsing around the videos pages, I noticed that most are all about Hardcore Shemale Porn. Like I said, most is hardcore, but there are some really good solo shemale scenes. And to mention models, believe me, I can’t remember seeing a shemale site member-area with so many models listed. This site is where I really found out which shemale models I truly love and got a good amount of content of them. I’d say at least 80% of the models here have more than one video, which is a great fact. Variety is a huge PRO at Shemale Club, so, I highly recommend you checking it out.

Now, as for the pictures, they are pretty good. All the Sets can be downloaded without any restriction. You just need a ZIP File extractor installed, and you can get the entire photoshoot on your computer, and each shoot has from 100 to 200 hot shemale pictures in them. They show good range of the model and the outfits usually vary nicely. A cool feature with the newer sets is a flag of where the model is from is shown on the picture, I just like this for some reason. That way, you always know from which part of the World the shemale beauty is from!

One of the best things I noticed while I was in there membersarea, were some of the videos and photoshoots were made on request of certain members. Here is a quick example: a member requested a model to smoke while she played around her huge shemale cock or have sex with her stockings on, yes, you read it well, real shemale Pantyhose Porn!!! hehehe! This just shows that this site is dedicated to it’s users and that’s something we all like to see.

Overall, I really do recommend this site. It’s a great place for people new to the shemale scene, there is so much you can learn about Shemales, and it’s a great place to add to your personal shemale porn collection. I can ensure you that all your favorite Shemale Models are listed in Shemale Club! If you don’t find them, just write a request, I’m sure the webmaster will try his best to get every single shemale pornstar there!


– Huge (I mean really huge) amount of content, and not only Video Content, but also Picture Content.
– From Solo to Hardcore, even a bunch of Fetish scenes.
– Great index with search capabilities, filled with hundreds of Shemale Models.
– Frequently updated… I was on the site about 1 hour to write this review, and in that timespan, I noticed 3 new scenes were added!
– Exclusive content, everything in HD (High Definition)


– $35 (for 30 Days Recurring)
– $75 (for 90 Days Recurring – 3 Months)
– $99 (for 150 Days Recurring – 5 Months)

Shemale Club Samples

Shemale Club Picture Sets

Ebony hotness Lina posing her irresistible body
Two beautiful tgirls Cybelli and Laviny having sex
Shemale Cassia posing her hot cock and ass in sexy stockings
Sweet Alexia taking Tony’s hard cock in her mouth and ass
Horny Thaina getting banged by beautiful Evelyn
Transsexual Sharon getting fucked by Tony

Shemale Club Movies

Exotic Shemale Pornstar Coco fucking her tight asshole with a carrot
Tgirls models Alexia and Sharon ass and mouth fucking Tony
Horny shemale transsexual Suzy sucking cock and getting fucked
TS sweetheart Sharon stroking off her hard long dick
Amazing tgirl Pure playing with her juicy dick
Horny Shemale Alexia riding Tony’s stiff fat long cock
Two tgirl hotties Thaina and Evelyn having sex
Lovely Sharon getting banged after giving a hot blowjob
Naughty Shemale Alexia showing her huge shemale cock
Sweet TS Madison Montag toying her ass while masturbating

Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

Frank is a dedicated photographer who has photographed some of the hottest t-girls in 3 continents since 2002. He’s photographed American TS pornstars, Brazilian Trannies, and Thai Ladyboys. He’s visited with t-girls from the Phillipines, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Canada, United States, and United Kingdom to recruit and film them playing with dildo’s, giving and receiving sloppy blowjobs, fetish scenes, messy shemale cum scenes, and hardcore fucking in every position imaginable.

Frank’s T-girl World is a very personal site. Frank talks to his members regularly, updating them through his blog so they can keep track of what part of the world he is, what beautiful transvestite he is photographing, where he is heading to next, and general information about the site. He gives members an up close and personal view of his life and career of photographing some of the hottest shemale ass you will ever see. It doesn’t get any more real than Frank’s site.

The tour of Frank’s Tgirl World is a good representation of the trannies that are waiting for you inside the members area. There are Asians, brunettes, blondes, redheads, dark skin and light skin trannies, and exotic beauties that all do some very naughty things for Frank and his members. Many of these t-girls appear so feminine that you would never know they are packing some meat under their beautiful clothes. What is really neat too is that his site is designed in such a way that you feel as though you are part of the action in the way that he films and interacts with his members. Flash video clips are available on the tour which really show you the good taste Frank has in t-girls and his skills as a photographer and videographer.

All of the content is 100% exclusive to the site and is never dull and boring. All the videos and pictures are in HD and available for download. Zip sets are also available for the HD picture sets that members have access to. Frank films over 200 sets a year and they are all neatly organized and easily searchable inside the members area of his site. There are 725 models, 210,387 photos, and 1,163 videos that members have access to. A membership to Frank’s TGirls is $34.99 for 30 days of unlimited access. The membership fee is quite the bargain for the amount of content and the quality of content membership gives you access to.


– $17.99 (for 30 Days Recurring at $34.99)
– $69.90 (for 90 Days – 3 Months)

Frank’s TGirl World Samples

Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

With the words “Open me up and dive right in” Kim lets you know right off the bat that she is up for the nastiest of slutty ts sex! Kim bills herself as the “only t-girl Anal Queen” and while that may be a bit of hyperbole, she certainly does her best to live up to her claim. Kim is a very attractive blonde SUPER FIT cd/ts with an absolutely stunning hard body and a sexy cock. It’s obvious she spends a lot of time in the gym with her tone, bronzed body.

But what really makes this ts slut so special is way she gets into extreme and nasty anal play. This ts really knows how to work her ass open and you’ll see that in the previews she provides on her site. In the 30-second preview you’ll see her ream her ass out with a black dildo that had to be molded off King Kong’s cock! This reviewer has seen a lot of porn in his time, and even I nearly fell over when I saw her sexy ass swallow up that monster!

Kim claims to have the best ass and legs in the business, and that may not be too far off from the truth! She loves dressing in high heels and girlie pink clothing. Just absolutely stunning! She also gets into costume play. Check out the preview on the second page where she and another ts dress up in clothes that look like they came out of the wardrobe department for the movie “Amadeus”.

The majority of the sets in the member’s area are solo masturbation and solo ass play – which normally I would find dull (I like to see people fucking and sucking each other), but this hottie makes it work. She really stretches out her ass and some of the toys she uses are just ungodly in their size and thickness!


Kim updates her site every week with exclusive videos and pictures and also invites her fans to send in photo shoot ideas. She also offers a free newsletter to all.

Memberships are billed via credit card, online check, direct pay EU, and ccbill 900. She also offers the alternative billing service Epoch for those that need it. All transactions are secure through 128-bit encryption so your purchase and financial information are safe and private. Kim never shares member information with other sites, and wont slap you with hidden fees. And of course you can cancel your membership at any time.

More Information

24.95 for 30 days (billed recurrently every month at 21.95 after the first month)
29.95 for 30 days (non recurring)
54.95 for 90 days (non recurring)
89.95 for 180 days (non recurring) – the best deal!


Kim's Anal Heaven Kim's Anal Heaven
Kim's Anal Heaven Kim's Anal Heaven
Kim's Anal Heaven Kim's Anal Heaven

Ultimate TGirl

December 19, 2008 | Comments Off on Ultimate TGirl | Solo Shemale Models

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review

Ultimate Tgirl is a site that quite simply, understands that sites do not need overly fancy, flashy Websites in order to be considered a high quality site! This EXCELLENT Tgirl site is a fantastic mixture of Ladyboys and Brazilian Shemales in what amounts to TWO FULL SITES for the price of one! And, what a deal it is!

Let’s start with the Ladyboy Section of the site… Ultimate Tgirl is a site that just gets ‘IT.’ ‘IT’ being, the realization that the Ladyboy market has become somewhat saturated with same-old, same-old content and that a good Ladyboy site needs to deliver something unique and different to its Members in order to stand out from the crowd. Ultimate Tgirl accomplishes this by having gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) photos of beautifully dressed Ladyboys displayed in excellent photo galleries which are presented in a slide-show format that you’ll definitely want to use to keep both hands free! In addition, Ultimate Tgirl offers videos of the girls engaged in hardcore sex scenes that are also presented in high quality formats and can be either streamed or downloaded.

The Latin Section of the site is much like the Ladyboy Section except that the models are all from the Latin American countries, concentrating on Brazil as the main source. These Brazilian Shemales will leave you breathless with their tight bodies, tan skin, and beautiful rock hard cocks! Again, the photo sets are high quality, well presented, and a pleasure to browse. As for videos go, it’s well known that Brazilian Shemales are simply voracious when it comes to sex and the Shemales of Ultimate Tgirl are no exception! This is one great site that I wholeheartedly recommend as a quality Ladyboy and Shemale site that is easy to navigate and contains some extremely well presented content!

In the Member’s Area of Ultimate Tgirl, you can browse by ethnicity or by actual Model, which is a nice feature if you know your favorite (or favorites!) Ladyboy or Shemale Performer by name. Updates are frequent, taking place about every week so you’ll always have new content to enjoy! There is also a handy ‘Support’ button which you can use if you have any technical difficulties using the site or downloading the videos… I had neither at my experience there and you shouldn’t either, but, it’s always a nice thing to know is there if you do need it.


My one word of caution when navigating to Ultimate Tgirl is, ‘DO NOT ADD AN ‘S’!!’ You will be taken to a completely different site and / or ‘Address Not Found’ error and will wonder what the hell I’m talking about. Best just to FOLLOW THIS LINK to the site and then bookmark it because you’re sure to want to return. In my opinion, one of the cleanest, easiest to use, and best Ladyboy and Shemale site combinations out there today!

Ultimate Tgirl transactions are handled by CCBill, which is an excellent company. Subcriptions begin at $29.95 for a recurring 30-day access. From there the discounts are steep and well worth it! Purchase 3 month’s access for only $19.99 per month ($59.97) or a full year’s Membership for only $7.50 per month ($90.00)! My advice, if you have the cash to spare, splurge a little and enjoy a great site with amazing Ladyboy and Shemale content for a whole year!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review:

OnlyTgirls is well yes, you guessed it all about tgirls and delicious little bits they are too with nice big cocks. Someone in casting knew what we wanted to see and these tgirls are all well hung. The tour is a feast for the eyes with sexy tgirls all over and their huge cocks showcased beautifully. I did not see an ugly tgirl the entire time I was on the site. You get the idea from the tour (at least I did) that this is a solo tranny site and you are not wrong. Though these tgirls are amazing in quantity and quality they are almost exclusively solo and playing with those monster cocks alone. I also noted on the tour they claimed to update daily. Now this is a big plus for those of us who visit a site often.

The interior of Only Tgirls was a real pleasure. The member’s area interface is designed for ease of use and previewing girls before you choose a gallery. The photogallery section will also blow you away. They did not lie and all the girls featured at Only Tgirls are hot totally hot.

However, with every good thing must come some bad so here it is. These are main picture sets.

The movie section consisted of 20+ movies. This is also mainly a softcore solo girl site. So if you are looking for hardcore fuck and suck then Only Tgirls is going to disappoint you.

On the upside though they do indeed update daily and there are nearly 18 mos worth of daily updates in their picture gallery section. Not grainy, can’t see a thing pics but nice clear photos. Each girl has 2 or 3 picture sets and each set contains 50+ pictures. There are over 500 picture sets and they are available in zip format too. They also have a little section called weekly treats where 16 sets are available and rotated out each week. Just an added bonus.

The movie section as I mentioned above was a little bit disappointing for a movie fan. There are only 20 or so movies in the site and the quality of the windows playback is very poor. However the mpeg quality is very good. However the section is bare so if you are a movie lover this may not be for you. However some of the only hardcore to be found at Only TGirls will be found in the movie section.


This is definitely a site for the person who likes photo sets. Though not all exclusive all are high quality and there is plenty of it too. Their photo galleries are simply top notch. The movie section is a disappointment and the site is almost strictly softcore shemale. Now depending on your tastes this could be a plus or a minus. However with this site membership you also get access to three other sites done by the same persons with widely different content. Shemales Get Fucked,and Ass Toyed Shemales, and Hot Shemale Videos, are the bonus sites and each is a unique and very niched view on the world of shemales. Combine these all together and you a group that can please any shemale lover.

More Information:

Picture Sets: 350 + sets (Possible to download ZIP Archives)

Movies: 20 + Movie Scenes

DRM Protection: No

Streaming Available: yes

Video Formats Offered: Windows Media ; MPEG

– $29.95/30 days Recurring
– $69.90/180 days Non-Recurring