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TS Pay Per View (TSPPV for short), as the name suggests, is a Pay Per View site that requires the purchase of tokens which can then be redeemed in order to download and view a set selection of videos. Videos are taken from five different sites run by the excellent production company, NicheCastle (Ass Toyed Shemales, Only Tgirls, Shemale Revenge, Shemale Sissification, and Shemales Get Fucked), and are available for download only in HDV format or DVD format, so before you purchase, be sure your computer can play these formats!

I’m always a little bit leery of Pay Per View sites because there are so many of them out there and a lot of crooks running them. However, I am happy to say that NicheCastle has done an excellent job with TSPPV (as with all their sites) and I would highly recommend this site if you prefer the Pay Per View format over actually becoming a Member of the site itself.
Tokens for TSPPV are purchased at a minimum of 8 tokens for $16.00 by Credit Card or Online Check via CCBill, a name widely respected within the Industry. As you would expect, the more tokens you purchase at one time, the greater the monetary discount you receive. My transaction was processed flawlessly and token redemption was also an easy and painless transaction.
Once you have a fistful of tokens (reminds me of going to the arcade as a kid to play video games) you can browse through hundreds (literally) of videos and purchase the ones you’d like to view. No previews are available for the videos so choose wisely. Downloaded videos were 4 tokens for the HDV format and 3 tokens for the DVD format at the time of this writing.
Downloaded videos have no DRM (Digital Rights Management) associated with them, which basically means you’re able to transfer the video to whatever computer or handheld device is available to you as well as watch it an unlimited amount of times. This is a nice feature if you travel a lot and want to be able to view your purchased videos on your cell phone or laptop. Videos can be browsed one by one or sorted either by Site or Model.
Download times will depend on the speed of your connection and the length / format of the video but mine took an average of about 20 minutes to download an HDV formatted video completely. Download was uninterrupted and the video played perfectly on my desktop and laptop using the correct player.


If you’re skiddish of becoming a Member but REALLY want to view a particular movie from one of the listed sites, TSPPV is a great alternative. Although, IMHO, joining the site itself is a MUCH better deal. Nichecastle, CCBill, and Epoch are all excellent companies with solid reputations for honesty and integrity in an Industry where this is not always the case. So, unless you just can’t bring yourself to become a Member, just join the site and have access to all the movies instead of just one at a time. You’ll save a ton of money and get more bang for your buck!

More Information

– Price: Charges apply per movie, and not to the entire site. You register an account and you pay for credits. So basiclly, it works on a credits system. To view a movie, you need the necessary credits.