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Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review:

Victoria’s site was a real treat to review. This East Indian shemale is 5’7, 110 lbs. with long black hair and pretty brown eyes. Her skin is a deep chocolate brown and looks so creamy smooth you want to slide your tongue all over her body! Add a set of full lips and perfect white teeth and you have a killer smile. She also has very perky, round tits and a slender hard body. As for her ass, damn you have to see her ass! Let’s just say it hangs there like a fuck toy, waiting to be banging hard. Oh, she also has a 7 inch shemale cock, one that works just fine. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Her site layout is very cool. The sides have a pattern that fades to black. Her overall background is black, with a menu bar that’s red for a good contrast. Her top banner is a cartoon of herself in a little 2 piece outfit with her name, very nice. Her pictures and videos have a white boarder with that “ripped paper” look, again a nice contrast to the black background. So all in all I really like the color and design of it. It’s easy to find the menu, with everything spelled out so you know where you’re going.

Now, what do you get inside? Victoria’s site is a solo girl site, so most of the content is of her only. She has some friends that pop up here and there, but mostly it’s done as a real time, live solo shoot with no editing. What’s nice about that is she gives you personal attention, looking straight into the camera at you while she’s licking her perky tits or stroking her long shaft. You also see everything that happens, including some mistakes that will make you laugh.

She dresses in a wide variety of clothing. From vinyl and leather, fishnet stockings, frilly lingerie, swimsuits, high heels, platform shoes, naughty costumes and much more. You never see her in the same outfit twice. Her pictures are very clear and high quality. The videos are nice and clear, with a lot of close ups and some hand held ones that she does all by herself.

She does just about everything to her beautiful body. Licking and squeezing her great tits, putting lotion on her hard body, stroking her big tranny dick till she comes all over herself. She plays with a lot of toys too, shoving big dildos and vibrators up her tight honey hole, all while giving you a front row seat. She has frequent updates so you always have something fresh to enjoy.

So if seeing a very dark skinned, exotic looking shemale with a great body play with herself in many different kinky outfits turns you on, this is the site for you. With her great personality, personal attention and many toys she uses on herself, You’ll always leave her site with a big smile on your face!