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Ladyboy Juice

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review:

This is the third site from the crew that brought us and, and I really don’t even have to wonder this time–I just have the feeling that this one will be just as hot, hardcore, and fantastic as the first two. The page loaded and everything looks great so far, and I’m itching to begin this review and find that rare third-in-a-row awesome site to recommend to you, because I know that if you’ve like the first two even half as much as I have, then the third time’s sure to be a charm.

This starts off much like the first two–big clear quality images with smaller clear quality images around them, all the pictures featuring gorgeous shemale models with fantastic tits, asses, and big rock hard cocks that they seem to be enjoying to their fullest, spraying their loads everywhere, this way and that. There are loads and loads of loads on this entry page and the “more updates” page that follows this one, and then again on the third and final “more updates” page. Sadly, there are no free trailers or videos anywhere on these three pages, and that’s a shame to me, because I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two trailers for this sites two hot sisters. And I also find the first and only thing I don’t like about this site (or its sisters)–the link in the models sections that says “view free trailer” actually links to the damn signup page. Not necessarily a fault of the site, because you certainly can’t join without signing up, but after reviewing the first two sites that preceded this one, I expected something else and was disappointed when i didn’t get it. But all in all this is an absolutely awesome third site in a row, and I enjoyed every piece of content and every model. The details for this site could be expounded on, but there’s really no need to–if you have read the reviews or visited the other two sites in this hot and hardcore trio, then just rest assured that this site is absolutely as good as either of those, and each of those is just as good as the other.


This third entry in the fabulous trio is awesome, as is both of its sisters. The content is fantastic, as hot and hardcore as you like it to be, and deserves to be viewed closely and taken in by every ladyboy fan. You will be satisfied, and you will enjoy this site. Don’t leave it without joining, either this one or one if it’s sisters, because you’ll hate yourself later if you do. My verdict: Lucky #3

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– $34.95 for 30 days
– $64.95 for 90 days
– $99.95 for 180 days

Reviewed on: December 13, 2008 | Category: Asian Shemales | 5,139 views


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