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Banged By Trannies

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Site Review

And now for something completely different – sort of. There are plenty of sites that feature a single or pair of trannies getting gang-banged by multiple men, but this site turns that scenario around. How about a group of six to ten shemales gang-banging and abusing the hell out of a single guy?

This site is all about raunchy gangbang sex. It’s not an s&m or b&d themed site. Just pure gangbang bliss with guys getting their asses ploughed by groups of sexy, rough, shemales.

The idea here is that these trannies go out to clubs or parks and pick-up or trick unsuspecting guys into having sex with them.

The ten trannies featured on this site are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and many fantasy scenarios are explored. For instance, one scene has an entire soccer team of really sexy transsexuals (there is just something about babes in soccer outfits) gang up on their male goalie for having lost the match for them. These hot bitches really let him have it. They get him in the locker room, smack him around, gag him on their cocks and then take turns plunging their hard dicks in and out of his tight ass. Another scene has six amazing transsexuals come home from a jog, only to gang bang the hell out of their butler. And of course there is the obligatory ‘gym’ gang-bang, only this time it’s the dude getting used!

This site is hot, and it’s also a great value; membership to gets you access to the entire Tranny Boss Network, which includes fifteen websites like, and; access to the networks DVD archive with over 300 full length shemale movies; and daily network updates.


Movies are shot in Hi-Def, and are streamable, or available for download in multiple formats for Windows or Mac users. All of the content is 100% exclusive to the Tranny Boss Network and 24/7 online customer support is available – always a nice thing.

More Information

For a limited time offering 2 day memberships for just $1.00
$29.31 for 30 days access
$59.91 for 90 days access
Just a buck for two days access may sound too good to be true, but the owners of this site know that once surfers get inside the network – there is no turning back! I know there wont be any turning back for this reviewer!


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Reviewed on: December 17, 2009 | Category: Fetish Shemales, Hardcore Shemales | 2,849 views


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