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Females on Shemales

Rating: ★★★★½

Site Review

Starting with the name, I like this site and expect good things from it, and after the entry page loads, I can see that I’m not going to be disappointed by this baby. I like the design immediately, I like the colors used in the design, I like the models, and I especially love the fact that I see some preview videos! Embedded! Right there in the entry page! Yep, this is already a great site, and I haven’t even scrolled down past the second fold yet. Lets get it on!

The images of the models look great here! The pics aren’t clickable, but they are very high quality and hardcore, and they get right to the point–this site, just as the name says, is about females fucking shemales, and from the looks of things, these horny babes are loving it, and so are their cock-weilding sisters, er, brothers, uh, partners. Check out the selection as you scroll down the page–hot horny models getting pounded by trannies, and lots of ’em! Make it past the 4 main selections, each with its own embedded video trailer or preview, and then get to a TGP style section where the thumbs aren’t clickable but again, high quality and direct, and check out all the hot models this site corrals. They’re some real hotties really enjoying their work, right? Then get to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see a link that says “check out our bonus shemale sites”. Click it to be taken to a page listing a little less than half-a-dozen other sites that members of this site will gain access to–I haven’t reviewed these yet, but I’m sure that if they’re associated with this baby, then they’re good. If you’ve checked out all the pics and all 4 available trailers for this site, then you’re ready to move along to the next stop–the signup page.


If you’re a fan of hot chicks getting fucked by stiff cocks, then you should be satisfied with this site, and if you’re a tranny fan, then you should be satisfied as well. The content is first-rate, and the hardcore is very hardcore. These babes–both kinds of them–are having fun doing what they do, and you should be having fun watching them do it, especially at this site. My verdict: Enjoy!

More Information

– 30 days-$28.32
– 90 days: $59.32

Reviewed on: December 19, 2008 | Category: Fetish Shemales, Hardcore Shemales | 2,013 views


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